Monday, April 30, 2007

Japan's Climate

Japan is blessed with four distinct seasons.The climate varies by region and is greatly influenced by monsoons that sweep between the continent and the ocean.That's because Japan is long and narrow, stretching from north to south, with a complex topography.

The seasons:Spring: March-May (Bring a light jacket.)June: The rainy season, a time of transition from spring into summer, begins in June and usually lasts through mid-July (Bring a raincoat, umbrella, and shoes and clothes that you do not mind getting wet!)

Summer: July-September (High temperatures and very humid; if you are coming for business make sure to bring lots of undershirts, if you are coming to travel make sure to bring lightweight clothing that can be easily washed)

The typhoon season stretches from late August into September (bring a windbreaker and raincoat). The typhoon can stop or delay flights, causing inconveniences to travel plans. Summer in Okinawa and Hokkaido, however, are beautiful.

Autumn: October and November (Bring a coat or jacket.)

Winter: December-February (Bring a heavy coat.) Japan has a reputation as a country with a warm climate, but there are quite a few regions that get a lot of snow. If you are a skier, you might enjoy the slopes of Hokkaido and the Hokuriku region by the Sea of Japan.How about a trip to the hot springs during the snow season? You don't have to be Japanese to appreciate the beauty of a snow-covered landscape while soaking in a hot outdoor bath.At any time of the year you will find different ways to enjoy Japan. Visit Japan at various times throughout the year, and you will find a landscape that changes with every season.

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